Population Health Management

What this means for your health

CHA is supporting health in a new way.

Instead of just treating illness, we are helping entire populations be as healthy as possible.

To do this, we have built a system to 1) identify medical needs, 2) provide proactive care and 3) address hidden factors that affect health.  For example: Do people have a safe place to live? Food to eat? Can they get to the doctor? Do they have insurance?

People who need more support get a high-touch approach - coordinated care, appropriate education and links to local community programs. Our goal is to give every patient the right care at the right time. This lets CHA manage health care costs while helping people live their healthiest lives.

Population Health Matters

Find out more about how CHA population health management keeps you healthy and partners with the community.

Community Care Partners - Jamie and Allen

Allen believes that everyone has the right to quality health care. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Allen has come to trust and benefit from his partnership with Jaime. Together they navigate the health care system, manage Allen’s complex care, and improve his quality of life.

Community Care Partners - Who We Are

Find out more about how Community Care Partners and the Behavioral Health Community Partners program supports MassHealth Members and improves health outcomes.

What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

An ACO is a partnership of primary care providers, specialists, hospitals and a health plan to give patients all the services they need. Together, these groups strive to meet certain goals:

  • Improve patient experience (satisfaction, access to health services)
  • Improve outcomes for all patients
  • Reduce healthcare costs

CHA is part of several ACOs. This means we work with doctors and hospitals in our network. Your CHA provider may recommend a particular doctor or service based on your health needs. By seeing them, we can help you get coordinated and high quality care. It is always your choice about what doctors you see or hospitals you visit.

CHA as a MassHealth ACO

CHA was first certified as an ACO by the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission in 2017 and was re-certified in 2019. The certification process was a significant milestone, making Massachusetts the first state to implement state-wide, all-payer standards for care delivery.

About Tufts Health Together with CHA

Tufts Health Plan and CHA joined together to create Tufts Health Together with CHA, a new MassHealth plan. Learn more about this plan.

Medicare ACOs

In January 2022, many CHA primary care providers became part of an innovative Medicare program called Primary Care First. This program was designed to make sure your CHA provider has all the information they need to make sure your health care is coordinated across all of your providers.
For more information about the program and to enroll, please click here

CHA Population Health Contacts

Name and Location:
Cambridge Public Health Commission D/B/A Cambridge Health Alliance
1493 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Primary Contact
Glover Taylor
Interim, Vice President Population Health Management
Email: gtaylor@challiance.org

Composition of ACO
Cambridge Public Health Commission D/B/A Cambridge Health Alliance is the sole participant in the Cambridge Health Alliance Accountable Care Organization.

ACO Participants
CHA includes CHA Cambridge Hospital and CHA Everett Hospital, the Cambridge Health Alliance Physicians Organization and associated care centers.

Population Health means you and your community!

CHA is more than a healthcare system. We're working to keep you healthy in your community. This includes offering you the best possible primary care and access to specialty services when needed. But focusing on health disparities and what make people sick, addressing issues upstream, can help everyone be more healthy.

A team approach to patient centered care at CHA

Primary care is more than just seeing one provider. CHA makes it easy for you to connect with all the care you need in one place. Whether it's getting mental health support or seeing a pharmacist to help you manage your medications, CHA offers you a team to get the care you need. You're at the center of patient-centered care.

Manage your health in primary care with a pharmacist

CHA pharmacists are a part of your healthcare team in primary care. They can help you manage a chronic disease, complicated medications, or answer questions about your prescriptions. Find out how they can help keep you healthy.

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